Za’atar Chicken Thighs & Feta Cauliflower Purée This was DELISH!

Za’atar Chicken Thighs & Feta Cauliflower Purée This was DELISH! I’ve been watching a lot of cooking shows lately and decided I needed to mix up my spice game. I picked up some za’atar last week at and was excited to try it out. Chicken thighs are my favorite piece of chicken to cook for dinner. I love cooking them in a cast iron pan on stove top, which allows even a seasoned skinless piece to crisp up nicely. The za’atar seasoning gave it a great flavor and the “dressing” I used to finish the plate with olive oil, lemon juice, and more za’atar tied the whole thing together and added the perfect amount of brightness and acidity. I paired this with a cauliflower purée— made with feta, oat milk, garlic powder, salt, pepper, olive oil and some sour cream. The purée was the perfect side to keep this low carb and satisfying!

What’s some of your favorite spices?
– 4 boneless skinless chicken thighs
– garlic powder
– salt
– pepper
– za’atar
– large shallot, halved
– 3-4 cloves garlic
– lemon, slices and juice from 1/2
– olive oil
– frozen riced cauliflower
– 1/3 cup oat milk
– 1/4-1/3 cup feta cheese crumbles
– garlic powder, salt, pepper
– 3 tbsp sour cream
– fresh parsley

Pat chicken dry. Season both sides with salt, pepper, garlic powder and za’atar. Heat olive oil in a cast iron pan to coat entire bottom. Once hot place chicken, garlic, shallots, and 2-3 lemon slices. Cook chicken thoroughly on both sides- it should have a crisped exterior. Flip and repeat until cooked through. The chicken will still be juicy- the sear will lock in the flavor and the za’atar will help get a nice crust.

Microwave your frozen cauliflower per instructions. To a blender add the cauliflower, sour cream, oat milk, feta, garlic powder, some olive oil, salt and pepper. Blend together until you have a nice purée. For the drizzle, add juice from 1/2 lemon, olive oil, and za’atar to a bowl. Mix to combine. Plate your purée, your chicken, then top with the olive oil, lemon, za’atar mixture. Top with fresh parsley and enjoy!