Short Rib Pappardelle This is my favorite sauce I’ve made to date

Short Rib Pappardelle This is my favorite sauce I’ve made to date. It was a labor of love (full day process), but a great dish to have for any special occasion! The sauce was silky smooth and stuck to the pappardelle beautifully, and the slow cooked short ribs were so tender and delicious. The cool, fresh ricotta on top was the perfect addition!
I’ve saved the steps in my highlights. Don’t have all exact measurements, as I Made this one up as I went along!
– 2.5 pounds English style short ribs
– 2 carrots, 2 ribs celery, handful of mushrooms, 1 onion, 6 cloves garlic, 2 oz diced prosciutto (all minced/diced)
– fresh thyme, rosemary, parsley
– 4 tbsp butter
– tomato paste
– 2 Tbsp flour
– red wine
– beef stock
– parm reg rind
– can of plum tomatoes, crushed by hand
Season short ribs well with salt and pepper. Brown on all sides in a large Dutch oven. Remove and place into slow cooker. In same pot, add olive oil, diced prosciutto, crisp for two minutes. Add onion, celery, carrots, 2 tbsp butter, fresh thyme and a little dash of rosemary and cook for five minutes. Add garlic and cook for another. Add 4-6 oz tomato paste and stir to combine. Add 2 tbsp four and combine to coat for two minutes. Add red wine to deglaze. Let this reduce. Add crushed tomatoes, some beef stock and a parm rind and bring to medium heat. Once this all cooks together for 5-7 minutes, transfer this mixture into the crockpot with the beef. Add fresh parsley. Cook on low for 7 hours. Remove beef to separate plate and shred. Strain the sauce mixture so that all of the veggies and herbs are no longer in it, leaving you a smooth liquid. Place the sauce into a pot, add 2 tbsp butter and cook on medium low for 30 minutes, allowing it to thicken and reduce. Add shredded short rib back in, add cooked pappardelle and stir to combine. Top with fresh ricotta, parsley and more fresh parm! Enjoy!