Kale Minestrone Yesterday was a cold one, and with a slate of chilly days

Kale Minestrone Yesterday was a cold one, and with a slate of chilly days ahead, today is a perfect day for SOUP! This is a take on a classic minestrone, using what I had on hand. Simple, packed with delicious veggies, and balanced with a tomato + broth base. The potatoes and chick peas helped to keep it nice and hearty, and two large Parmesan rinds gave the perfect kiss of flavor. I always put some extra freshly grated parm on top to finish it off!
– 1 tbsp + 1 tsp olive oil
– 1 medium onion, chopped
– 2 carrots, thinly sliced
– 2 celery stalks, thinly sliced
– 3 cloves garlic, minced
– 1/2 tsp thyme
– 1/2 tsp oregano
– 1/2 tsp black pepper
– 5-6 fresh parsley stalks
– 1.5 cups baby potatoes, halved
– 1 can plum tomatoes — juice plus half of the plum tomatoes crushed by hand and their juices
– 1 cup water
– 3 cups chicken stock
– 1 cup beef broth /> – 1 large zucchini, diced
– 1 can chick peas
– 2 heaping cups kale, richly chopped, ribs removed
– Parmesan rind to cook and fresh parm to taste
– salt to taste
In a large pot heat 1 tbsp olive oil. Add onion, celery, carrots and cook together for 5-7 minutes. Add thyme, oregano, black pepper & garlic and stir to combine for 2 minutes. Add potatoes and stir for another 2 minutes, coating everything together. Take your can of tomatoes— hand crush the plum tomatoes, releasing their juices. Add all tomato juice and 1/2 of crushed tomatoes to the pot. Discard the larger, seeded pieces. Fill can with water 1/2 way and add to pot. After two minutes add chicken stock, beef broth, & parsley— stir to combine. Add your zucchini, chick peas, and kale. Take tour wooden spoon and make sure that everything is mixed together. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Throw in your Parmesan rinds. I put a lid on and let it simmer and cook together for about an hour and a half. Add salt if needed to taste. Plate and too generously with fresh parm. Healthy, hearty and delicious!